Project and Program Management Services

Proven professionals deliver pre-construction and lifecycle consulting services

The Project and Program Management (PPM) service line advises the Department of National Defence (DND) professionals at all project stages. From problem identification and analysis, through planning, design and construction, PPM’s team recommends resource management approaches, project objectives and strategies, and schedule and performance metrics.

Project management services range from specific tasks to support DND project managers to turnkey project services and program management.

The PPM service line takes advantage of each team member’s specialized knowledge in the fields of federal and private sector contracting and project management processes. Regional service line leaders promote PPM quality standards globally, while local practice area leaders deliver specialized support to individual projects.

PPM professionals work closely with teams from DCC’s other service lines to ensure Client-Partners receive the most comprehensive services in an integrated package. They provide service in two principal areas: project support and program support.

Military operations support

An important part of DCC’s mandate is to help DND meet its operational requirements and comply with federal contracting policies—wherever it operates. This includes taking the procurement and contract management practices expertise that DCC provides at bases and wings to an operational theatre. DCC has deployed personnel alongside the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) throughout its history, including in Afghanistan, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Jamaica. From Ottawa, DCC also supported the CAF's earthquake relief efforts in Haiti. DCC stands ready to support DND/CAF whenever it is called upon to do so in this capacity, at home or abroad.

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