Contract Management Services

On-site construction expertise delivers high quality, on time construction projects

The Department of National Defence (DND) builds a wide variety of structures and DCC offers a diverse range of services to support the design, construction, renovation and maintenance of DND facilities.

Our team of engineers, technologists, technicians and contract administration specialists have spent years focussed on DND's needs, giving us a unique accumulation of knowledge of its infrastructure and processes. This corporate memory, combined with our vast technical expertise, allows us to build cost-effective, turnkey solutions for DND's construction and renovation projects.

DCC’s project portfolio includes control towers and hangars, dockyards and tank maintenance facilities, community centres, housing, barracks and clinics, water and sewer systems, communication systems, and roads and grounds.

Key functions of the service line include:

  • contract administration
  • regular client reporting
  • coordination of expert services
  • monitoring of construction schedules
  • change management
  • certification of progress payments
  • certification of contract completion, and
  • resolution of contractor performance issues

Contract Management is responsible for contract payment administration, change management, risk management, document and schedule control, quality assurance, quality audit, dispute mitigation and resolution, claims management, performance assessment and warranty management.

DCC uses a comprehensive system to assess project and construction management processes. An integrated series of activities focuses on investigating and confirming whether processes and activities comply with contract and quality requirements. Quality auditing gives the client confidence that the contractor has achieved the quality requirements of the contract. It also identifies potential areas of non-conformance and ensures that they are tracked and corrected.


DCC’s capabilities in mechanical, electrical and other infrastructure-related disciplines ensure that building systems are designed, installed, functionally tested and capable of meeting the client’s operational needs before the facility is turned over to the client.

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