Your Career at DCC

A career at DCC will give you the chance to learn, excel and engage in exciting and meaningful work in the fields of engineering, environmental science and infrastructure services. Our organization is big enough to take on multi-million dollar projects but small enough to deliver personal service.

All DCC employees can make a difference—by supporting Canada’s troops and contributing to the defence of the country.

What We Offer

  • Health and Wellness

    As the employer, we pay the premiums for health insurance (for active and retired employees), life insurance, and dental and vision care. Other benefits—employee-paid—include accidental death and dismemberment insurance, and life insurance coverage for dependants and additional optional life coverage beyond the standard amount for employees.

    DCC also encourages employees to incorporate physical activity into their daily routine by contributing up to $400 annually toward a wellness-related program, such as a gym membership.

    DCC offers a comprehensive compensation and benefits program as part of its ongoing efforts to support the health, wellness and productivity of its most important asset—its employees.

  • Work Schedule

    As a DCC employee, you may choose to flex your work schedule (within the standard number of hours and core business period). Through DCC’s compressed work week program, you may take a long weekend every third week by working just 32 extra minutes a day. Beyond this, we encourage all employees to take full advantage of their vacation leave each year. We also provide special leave during regular working hours to attend medical appointments or care for an ill family member.

    DCC also offers alternative work arrangements that provide employees with additional options for work schedules and locations beyond those established in a flexible workplace arrangement. These arrangements help employees meet personal needs while continuing to deliver key services to external and internal clients.

  • Pension

    DCC employees participate in the Federal Public Service Pension Plan. Benefits are payable on retirement, termination of service, disability and death. Public service employees joining DCC may bring their accumulated pension contributions with them.

  • Training and development

    We recognize the value of training and maintaining a skilled workforce. We encourage employees to pursue professional and career development, and provide support for employees pursuing their education. In certain cases, we pay dues to join technical, professional or industry organizations, and to help you become certified.

  • Other Benefits

    We offer numerous other company benefits: employee and organization assistance programs, help coping with sudden illness and returning to work, a computer loan program and social events.

What We Do

  • Contract Management Services

    Contract Management Services employees focus on effective management of new construction and renovation contracts for military facilities of all types. Employees provide technical expertise on construction, professional services, goods and services contracts, construction inspection, commissioning, construction safety, security management, and claims resolution.

    Qualifications for Contract Management Services positions vary and typical applicants should be college or university graduates in engineering or architecture, with at least three years of work experience in construction or contract work.

  • Contract Services

    Contracting officers prepare all types of procurement documents for projects ranging from a few thousand dollars to more than $100 million. Employees plan and monitor procurement activities and participate in the award of contracts to firms providing everything from construction services to office supplies.

    DCC seeks employees for its Contract Services group who have a college or university degree in engineering, business, law or architecture, and one year of complementary work experience. Strong interpersonal skills, a high level of tact and discretion, and knowledge of federal government contracting policies are definite assets for this work.

  • Environmental Services

    Work in this growing area of DCC business involves some of Canada’s most challenging environmental projects, including the clean up of contaminated sites in Canada’s high arctic and clearing unexploded explosive ordinance at military bases and other locations. Employees carry out, among other duties, environmental management planning, monitoring, reporting, auditing, environmental assessments, site assessments and site delineations.

    The experience and education required for Environmental Services positions varies, but generally we look for university graduates in engineering, environmental science or a related discipline, who have three to eight years of relevant work experience along with knowledge of federal and provincial environmental regulations.

  • Project and Program Management Services

    Project and Program Management team members directly influence the direction and outcome of a wide range of infrastructure and environmental projects—from basic municipal services to state-of-the-art defence research laboratories. Employees help define the project scope and identify the operational and functional requirements of the buildings or services under development.

    Architects and engineers are typical members of the team, although applicants with a background in other disciplines that involve critical thinking, analysis and problem solving are welcome. Experience levels vary between positions, but a common requirement is the ability and desire to practise in a collegial and collaborative environment in which knowledge is shared.

  • Real Property Management Services

    This new area of DCC service supports National Defence’s significant real property assets in all areas of Canada. A strong team of DCC employees offers innovative real property acquisition and disposal, portfolio planning, asset management, facility management and development planning services.

    Applicants should have qualifications and/or experience in one of more of the following areas: facility/asset management, business analysis, strategic planning, development planning, fire and life safety, and AutoCAD.

  • Corporate Services

    Corporate Services is in the business of running the business at DCC. At Head Office in Ottawa, financial experts, communications specialists, human resources practitioners and IT professionals are responsible for the overall management of the organization.

    Corporate Services seeks applicants who are college or university graduates, with knowledge of trends and policy in their area of speciality and a minimum of three to five years experience in that field.

  • Administration

    Administrative assistants are experts at providing support to senior management, business groups and DCC offices across the country. With a professional demeanour and plenty of enthusiasm, they are critical components of busy professional teams.

    Candidates should have intermediate administrative skills as well as a complementary mix of education and experience—particularly in the construction and consultant industry.


  • What we offer students

    DCC is a dynamic and fast-paced Crown corporation that delivers infrastructure and environmental services to National Defence and the Canadian Armed Forces. Our more than 850 employees—all civilians—work in offices across the country, often co-located on military bases.

    Our teams contribute to exciting and varied projects, such as the construction of buildings and other facilities at airports, shipyards and military training areas. We also coordinate environmental work, such as cleaning up contaminated sites. Employees also support overseas missions and work in the Arctic.

    Collaboration, integrity, accountability and innovation are the foundations of our corporate culture. Our values guide our actions, the way we make decisions and how we conduct our business.

    To help us lead the way, we are looking for highly motivated, mature and reliable individuals who want to contribute their best.

  • Why consider a student opportunity at DCC?

    There are many benefits to working at DCC as a student:

    • You will do varied and challenging work.
    • You will work in a positive and diverse environment.
    • You will enrich your academic program.
    • You will learn about the crucial sectors of construction and the military.
    • You will build a solid foundation for your career.
    • You will be paid at a rate set by DCC that is in line with that of other federal government student programs.
  • Eligibility

    To be eligible to work for DCC, you must meet the following criteria:

    • Be enrolled in an accredited post-secondary institution.
    • Meet the minimum age requirements to work in the province or territory in which the job is located.
    • Maintain the minimum security requirements of the “Reliability” level (DCC will guide you through the security clearance process once you are hired).

    You may be asked to provide proof that you meet these requirements.

  • Types of student opportunities

    Summer students

    Summer students work from May to August only, doing tasks applicable to their studies.


    Co-op students work at various times throughout the year, usually driven by the start of the school term (i.e. January, May or September). Many work terms are four months long; however, we often have Co-op students with us for eight months and, occasionally, for 12.


    Internship students have completed all or most of their studies but must complete a 12- or 16-month work term in order to graduate. The start date for these positions is driven by the school but is usually January, May or September.


    DCC often re-hires students who have worked for us in previous years as summer students, co-op students or interns, often at the same site. The site manager contacts students directly to check whether they are interested and available to return to DCC for student work. To be considered for re-employment, you must continue to meet the student program eligibility criteria and have worked in a student job with DCC in the past.


    Upon successfully completing both an education program and a work assignment with DCC, students may be considered for a temporary or permanent position, provided they meet the following criteria:

    • Worked for DCC for at least three months within the last year and received a positive performance assessment
    • Meets all the qualifications for the position to be filled
    • Successfully completed an education program and provides a copy of the diploma prior to being appointed to a position.
  • National Indigenous Youth Work Experience Program

    DCC’s National Indigenous Youth Work Experience Program was launched in 2021-2022 as part of DCC’s commitment to reconciliation.

    If you are an Indigenous student pursuing a career path in engineering, planning, and/or environmental sciences you can apply for one of several four-to-six-month work terms with DCC at our offices across the country. The program offers you an opportunity to expand your professional skills and build a network of colleagues from a variety of disciplines.

    DCCers are passionate about the work they do. Successful Indigenous Youth Work Experience Program candidates will be supervised and mentored in a high-performing environment offering valuable office and field experience.

    Applicants must be eligible to work in Canada and meet minimum age requirements in the province of work.

    All DCC employees, including students, must have security clearance.

    Our security team will help you through the process to apply for security clearance.

    If you are interested to learn more about the National Indigenous Youth Work Experience Program, email

New Grads

  • Challenge

    DCC services range from contracting, contract management and environmental services to project management, real property services and more.

    That means we hire more than mechanical and electrical engineers. We also need employees with skills in the areas of environmental engineering, architectural technology, project management, procurement and urban planning. See if one of our current career opportunities fits with your career goal.

  • Experience

    Starting your career at DCC will allow you to put what you learned in college or university to good use. You will gain a full range of on-the-job experience, working alongside seasoned professionals at all stages of projects big and small.

    Working at DCC will also give you a chance to serve the country by supporting Canada’s troops at sites located on National Defence bases and wings across the country and around the world.

  • Opportunities

    DCC offers many career and mentoring opportunities, and helps employees gain experience and develop their careers through lateral moves and promotions. We provide training to help you get to and stay at the top of your field. We also offer co-op and summer placements.

  • Benefits

    As a DCC employee, you will receive a wide range of benefits. For example, you may set your standard hours of work as long as it falls within core hours. You may also have the option of compressing a 15-day work cycle into 14 days to get a day off every third week. As well, DCC contributes $400 each year to a wellness-related program, such as a gym membership, to encourage you to incorporate physical activity into your daily routine.

    We are the right place for motivated, ambitious individuals who wish to build an exciting and challenging career.


  • Initiative

    Working at DCC gives you the best of both the private and public sector worlds. We do front-line work in an entrepreneurial environment and bring a “best for the client” outlook to everything we do. We’re flexible, innovative and forward-thinking, and we welcome new challenges.

  • Balance

    At the same time, we offer a healthy work-life balance, while rewarding talent. We recognize experience through lateral moves and promotions, and provide leadership development opportunities.

    Working at DCC also provides an opportunity to serve your country in a whole new way—by supporting Canada’s troops.

  • Variety

    Our organization is just the right size. We’re big enough to employ a variety of interesting people from many disciplines, yet we still have a close-knit culture and common vision. We’re big enough to handle multi-million dollar projects but small enough to deliver personal service. See if one of our current career opportunities will allow you to take your career to the next step.

  • Benefits

    As a Crown corporation, DCC offers generous benefits, including health care and pension coverage, flexible working hours, a compressed work week and competitive vacation leave. We also contribute $400 towards an annual wellness-related program, such as a fitness membership.

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