Procurement Code of Conduct

To ensure alignment with the Government of Canada's Integrity Regime, DCC introduced its Integrity Management Framework (IMF) to demonstrate its commitment to being an ethical organization. The IMF brings together all DCC resources and tools to foster ethical business practices, ensure due process and uphold the public trust. It outlines the codes, policies and procedures that relate to expected behaviour for DCC employees as well as its suppliers and contractors.

One aspect of the IMF is DCC's Procurement Code of Conduct (PCC) that provides suppliers with a clear statement of expectations to ensure a basic understanding of their responsibilities during the procurement process as well as throughout the implementation of the work. Suppliers must respond to DCC's bid solicitations in an honest, fair and comprehensive manner, accurately reflect their capacity to satisfy the requirements stipulated in the bid or contract documents, and submit bids and enter into contracts only if they will fulfill all of the obligations under that contract. The PCC applies to suppliers who have submitted an offer or may submit an offer to contract or who have been awarded a contract by DCC. Specific prohibitions for suppliers are set out in the PCC and any supplier that is bidding on or has been awarded a contract is required to abide by the obligations of the PCC.

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