DCC ensures that, whether you are our client or a private contractor or consultant, working with DCC is as straightforward as possible. We have structured our service lines to offer our clients turnkey service. That means they can hand us a project and be assured it is being well managed throughout all phases of the process.

Because of the way we do business with DND and with the private sector, Canadian taxpayers can be assured that their interests are being provided for. We provide a stringent approach to contracting that ensures that our client gets the best value for its money, and that businesses run by Canadians have a fair opportunity at government contracts.


To ensure alignment with the Government of Canada's Integrity Regime, DCC introduced its Integrity Management Framework (IMF) to demonstrate its commitment to being an ethical organization. The IMF brings together all DCC resources and tools to foster ethical business practices, ensure due process and uphold the public trust. It outlines the codes, policies and procedures that relate to expected behaviour for DCC employees as well as its suppliers and contractors.

One aspect of the IMF is DCC's Procurement Code of Conduct (PCC) that provides suppliers with a clear statement of expectations to ensure a basic understanding of their responsibilities during the procurement process as well as throughout the implementation of the work.


MERX coordinates the distribution of DCC standard construction contract documents. For all related forms, please visit the link below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does e-procurement change the way suppliers’ access DCC opportunities?

    Where e-bidding has been phased-in, paper submissions are no longer accepted. Suppliers can use e-bidding to:

    • submit their bid online at no additional cost;
    • make revisions to their bid at any time prior to tender close;
    • where bid security is required, upload their electronic bid bond (e-bond) directly into the system or submit their cash security through an electronic funds transfer (wire transfer);
    • receive an e-bid confirmation number once the e-bid is submitted successfully; and
    • view bid results online.
  • Why did DCC introduce a new e-bidding capability?

    DCC adopted an online e-bidding capability as a way to enhance industry access and allow the Corporation to manage the tendering process more accurately and efficiently from beginning to end.

  • Is it mandatory to submit bids electronically?

    In cases where the MERX advertisement lists the bid submission type as "electronic", it is mandatory to submit bids electronically.


MERX coordinates the distribution of DCC standard construction contract documents. A tender package can be ordered from MERX by telephone (1-800-964-6379) or via the Internet.

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