Security Requirements

DCC is an approved Federal Government source that may sponsor companies into the Industrial Security Program (ISP). DCC may sponsor a company to obtain an Organization Security Screening issued by the Canadian and Industrial Security Directorate (CISD) of Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC) for the following levels:

  • Designated Organization Screening (DOS)
  • Facility Security Clearance (FSC)
  • Upgrades from DOS to FSC

Note: With or without a Document Safeguarding Capability (DSC)

For the moment, only firms bidding on contracts requiring a security clearance may be sponsored for a Designated Organization Screening (DOS) or a Facility Security Clearance (FSC).

The request is to include:

  • the DCC contract number or MERX ad reference number;
  • the legal name of the company;
  • the complete address of the company's head office; and
  • a point of contact complete with phone number and email address.
  • Want to submit a sponsorship request?

    To submit a request:

    Copy the following questionnaire and e-mail the completed version to

    Please complete ALL the fields below.
    Please provide the Merx ad Reference Number: 
    Please provide the DCC project number: 
    Please confirm the DCC contract number(s):
    Is your company registered with the Public Services and Procurement 
    Canada’s (PSPC) Contract Security Program (CS)? 
    If yes 
    - Please include PSPC’s CSP organization code (e.g. 12345-00): 
    - Please specify your organization’s current/valid security clearance:
    If no 
    - Please specify the security level required: 
    Company legal name: 
    Business name (if different from legal name): 
    Mailing address: 
    Civic address (if different from mailing address): 
    Organization phone number: 
    Fax number: 
    Contact person (last name/first name): 
    Title of contact person: 
    Tel. number for contact: 
    E-mail address for contact: 
    Preferred language of correspondence:

    Or open a Sponsorship Request template automatically in an email.

Should you wish to speak with a DCC representative, please call (613) 998-8974.

There are no direct costs charged to companies wishing to obtain a DOS, FSC or DSC.

Applicants are responsible to pay any processing fees for fingerprinting.

If you are already registered in the Industrial Security Program (ISP) at the required clearance level, you don't need to submit an additional request for sponsorship.

For additional information, visit the website of the Industrial Security Program at PWGSC.

Contact Information
Telephone: 1-866-368-4646
National Capital Region: 613-948-4176

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