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Our values, guiding our journey.

DCC is committed to initiating, growing, and sustaining transformative, authentic and mutually beneficial relationships with Indigenous Peoples. Across DCC, we are proud to be taking steps, within the scope of our business operations, to support the Government of Canada’s priorities to advance reconciliation and renew relationships with First Nations, Inuit, and Métis. In order to do this, we are focusing our work on:

We know that our work is a journey, not simply a destination. Our Journey so far...

  • We have developed an Indigenous Relations Policy to inform our work to maintain and build strong partnerships with Indigenous Peoples, to create more opportunities for Indigenous businesses to succeed and grow, and to diversify our workforce.
  • We are PAR Committed. We have reached another milestone in our journey towards Progressive Aboriginal Relations certification from the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business. Our Phase 3 submission was accepted in January 2024, paving the way for work to begin towards Bronze certification. Learn more.
  • We have developed a statement of Commitment to Indigenous Peoples that formalizes our intent to continue developing practices and policies to support business opportunities for Indigenous peoples. Read our commitment to Indigenous peoples.
  • We are setting an ambitious agenda to build strong relationships with Indigenous peoples and create more opportunities for Indigenous businesses to succeed and grow. We have signed a Joint Indigenous Procurement Strategy with DND to ensure that DCC and DND award a 5% value of all contracts to Indigenous Businesses. Learn more.

The DCC Indigenous Relations Logo – a visual signal of our commitment

DCC worked with an Ottawa-based, Indigenous-owned creative agency to create a new Indigenous Relations logo that blends elements of our corporate logo with elements reflecting an Indigenous world view. The result is an Indigenous Relations logo that recognizes the connection between our corporate work and our commitment to reconciliation.

By blending elements of our corporate logo with elements reflecting an Indigenous world view, we have created an Indigenous Relations logo.

The plant symbolizes our growth—past and future, and our rootedness in communities to grow strong, mutually rewarding relationships with Indigenous peoples

The logo is shaped as a circle, a sacred symbol across many Indigenous cultures representing interdependence of all things, and the philosophy of all beings as equals

The circular shape reflects DCC’s commitment towards Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, and our role in nurturing healthy communities

Geometric shapes come together to form a turtle shell, a reference to Turtle Island, one of the foundational creation stories of many North American Indigenous cultures

Turtle Island represents the land upon which we work, and our responsibility to be good stewards of the natural world

From the fertile ground of the turtle shell grows a stem with three leaves, representative of the Indigenous peoples in Canada—First Nations, Inuit, and Métis.

The leaves echo the shape of the DCC corporate logo, symbolizing the way our corporate work and commitment to reconciliation are connected

Progressive Aboriginal Relations (PAR)

In January 2021, DCC made a formal commitment to the Progressive Aboriginal Relations (PAR) certification program delivered by the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business. PAR is a corporate social responsibility program emphasizing Indigenous relations and providing independent, third-party evaluation of corporate performance in four areas: leadership actions, employment, business development and community relationships. The program recognizes Canadian organizations that engage Indigenous communities, businesses, and employees in their business activities.

DCC has reached another milestone in our multi-year journey to achieve this important external recognition for our contribution to economic prosperity in Indigenous communities. Our PAR Committed Phase 3 submission was accepted in January 2024, paving the way for work to begin towards Bronze certification.

Certification Progress


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