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Contractors and Consultants FAQ

DCC provides infrastructure services and full lifecycle support for Canada's defence requirements.

While DCC puts the contracts in place and manages them, it relies on private sector contractors and consultants to perform the work required by its Client-Partner. The type of work includes services to support the design, construction, renovation and maintenance of a wide variety of facilities for the infrastructure and environment program of DND.

DCC adheres to Federal Government contracting principles of access, opportunity, fairness and of open competition. Over 95% of its construction contracts are competitively tendered.

How can I get a contract with DCC?

MERX is an independent private sector tendering service, offering opportunities to publicly tendered projects. DCC posts ads on MERX for construction, professional services and goods contracts. Contractors can obtain contract documents by ordering them through MERX. DCC contract documents are also available for viewing at local construction associations and local DCC offices.

For further information on MERX or to register, visit or call 1-800-964-6379.

How does my company get a security clearance?

DCC is an approved Federal Government source that may sponsor companies into the Industrial Security Program (ISP).

For more information, visit our security requirements page.

Is my work evaluated?

DCC evaluates the work of all contractors and consultants in accordance with DCC's Performance Evaluation Guidelines.

I have more questions.

Questions? Concerns? Comments? Please do not hesitate to contact your local DCC office.

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