After 35 years in the Canadian Forces, Kevin Horgan is looking forward to continuing his engineering career, as DCC’s new Vice-President, Operations—Service Delivery.

DCC offers a different lens with which to view the infrastructure and environmental projects it delivers for its Client-Partners, including the Department of National Defence, but Kevin says serving Canada and Canadians was a familiar—and strong—motivator for joining the DCC team.

“DCC was a critical part of the success of the Canadian Forces delivering infrastructure for me. I worked closely with members of DCC on many occasions,” says Kevin, who joined DCC in October 2023, after a career that ranged from Commander, Real Property Operations to Chief Military Engineer before his retirement as a Major General.

“For example, when I was in Afghanistan and other operations, DCC was there with us—they brought their expertise on the road and delivered that capability into operations. So the starting point for me at DCC is that close connection, along with the professionalism of DCC’s team members.”

Since taking on his new role in October, he has been meeting key people at Head Office, and across the regions—many of whom he’s met before.

“Seeing them again in the setting of DCC was valuable, to understand well our unique culture and benefits. I already had a high respect for the work that DCC delivers. Now, my focus is on maintaining the momentum that we already have in place and looking at areas where we can continue to improve and enhance the support that we provide to our Client-Partners.”

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