If the best customer is a repeat customer, then DCC can surely take pride in the ever-increasing demand for its expertise in managing real property. After more than doubling its core cadre of 50 to 115 since April 1, 2010, the Real Property Management Services (RPMS) service line is a going concern and then some.

"The demand for new services has evolved as our client restructured to enable a more strategic approach so we, too, have adapted and restructured to better meet their needs," says Dave Burley, National Director, Real Property Management Services.

RPMS practice areas now comprise:

  • Portfolio and facility management
  • Maintenance and development planning
  • Technical services e.g. fire and life safety, computer-aided drafting, building information modeling, geographic information systems and energy management

RPMS has also grown its contract management capabilities and become much more integrated with other DCC service lines. For example, RPMS supports contract services in planning developing requirements to enable procurement and leads contract management delivery services on energy performance contracts, facilities management and maintenance service contracts including inspection testing and maintenance contracts. The service line has also developed a quality management system and supports contract management quality verifications to measure the quality of services delivered to its Client-Partners.

Technology also "adds value to services and meet the needs of our Client-Partners," says Burley. In 2019, DCC held its first-ever Spatial Data Services Forum with its Client-Partners, indicating a more tech-enabled future that includes data and maintenance management; energy management for defence greening initiatives; spatial data management; and ongoing maintenance contracts and expanding digital tools (mobile app) to manage those contracts.

"The dedicated team of RPMS practitioners are up for the challenges of adapting and continuing to provide innovative and cost-effective services."

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