A new DCC project in Whitehorse will benefit youth in the North by expanding the facilities available to the Canadian Cadet Program and their leaders throughout the year.

The four-season Cadet Multi-Purpose Building will be a welcome addition to the Whitehorse Cadet Training Centre. The new 600-m2 space will not only allow Cadet groups to conduct their weekly meetings and weekend training, but will also provide year-round shelter in inclement weather for Cadets and Junior Canadian Rangers.

A multi-disciplinary DCC team managed the updating of, and approvals for, an existing design to make the building usable year round, navigating complex environmental and water use issues. With funding secured, the team, led by Steve Poaps, Team Leader, Program Management, quickly awarded the contract to a Whitehorse firm in July 2018. “It is gratifying that both the design and construction will be done by people in the local community,” Poaps says.

“Building relationships and collaborating with all the stakeholders has been critical to the implementation phase,” Poaps adds.

Construction of the $3-million building is slated to begin in September 2018, after the Cadets are done for the summer, and DCC will be on site full time throughout the short construction period. “DCC has a very good relationship with our Client-Partner for this project,” notes Mauricio Martinez, Team Leader, Project Management. “Being consistently on site will provide a higher level of comfort that the project is being completed according to plan.”

The building is expected to be ready for occupancy in 2019.

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