A 20-year-old training facility at CFB Halifax is getting the upgrades it requires to continue providing critical support to the Royal Canadian Navy.

The Damage Control Training Facility provides live firefighting pre-deployment training to crews where sailors learn to protect themselves, shipmates, and the vessel itself in the case of a controllable fire or flood onboard. Through 2020–23, DCC helped support DND with several important lifecycle upgrades to the firefighting simulators. Additional upgrades to ensure safe and sustained use of the building are planned for the coming years.

“The ability to independently fight fires is an important one considering the lack of response available when sailing thousands of kilometres off the shores of your country,” said Michael Johnston, DCC Coordinator, Facility Management.

Inside the building are realistic simulators, called props, that are constructed to emulate real features of a ship such as the galley, sleeping quarters, and engine rooms. These props had reached the end of their useful life and replacing them was the first step in the recapitalization projects. This also included the complete reconstruction of a unique prop just outside the facility—a CH-148 Cyclone helicopter. Because the Cyclones deploy on board the naval ships, crew members are also trained on how to successfully manage an aircraft on fire. Though challenging through the COVID-19 pandemic, all work was completed as planned.

Additional upgrades to the facility will continue through 2023–24, including upgrades to ventilation, heating and air conditioning. Once finished, this will complete a good portion of the lifecycle upgrades planned for the facility.

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