Preparing to defeat a sneaky enemy requires teamwork and planning—and it’s the approach being used by a group of stakeholders to address invasive species at 8 Wing Trenton.

This summer, the DCC team in Trenton coordinated the completion of an invasive species survey for 8 Wing, identifying and mapping out locations where giant hogweed, wild parsnip and water soldier are growing. All three can cause human health concerns, and have a negative impact on the natural ecosystem.

“We’re trying to come up with a cohesive approach because that’s how you have to deal with these species. They can take over a space if you let them,” said Emily Olmstead, DCC Coordinator, Environmental Services.

The project team worked with various locations at the base, and road and ground crews to learn more about where the species were, and attempts so far to address them. Then, the consultant surveyed the entire base, identifying locations of the species, mapping them, and then ranking based on level of attention needed.

With the survey completed, the consultant is now working on an Invasive Species Management Plan that will guide the steps to removing these invasive plants.

“We’ll be working on this for years to come,” said Olmstead. “Next spring, we hope to tackle populations that have the highest potential to cause harm to human health.”

The work wouldn’t be possible without all the knowledge shared by stakeholders—but in particular the DND Wing Environment Office—who shared information with the consultant that will help guide a successful strategy moving forward.

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