The CCDC30 Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) contract for the construction of a $70-million armoury at CFB Petawawa is proving its might. The project is two months ahead of schedule and on budget, and is set for occupancy in September with details such as landscaping expected to be complete in December.

Under this collaborative, innovative and lean construction approach both industry and the Crown can deliver results faster, with a focus on better value and better cost certainty. The Crown and industry share cost-saving efficiencies as well.

Up front “pull planning” and collaboration between the Crown, contractors and sub-contractors (the trades), gathering in what’s called “the big [virtual-for-some] room,” has led to faster, more efficient processes, increased transparency leading to far fewer changes, and the ability to pivot as required. It’s a win-win for everyone.

For example, because of Covid-19, the Army’s training regime changed locations, which then allowed the project team to change course and advance the schedule for planned renovations to two other buildings.

“Because we were doing so well on the new facility, the team as a whole decided to move up the renovations by one full year. One building has been completed and we’re about six weeks away from completing the other, ahead of schedule,” says Ryan Maher, DCC Program Leader at CFB Petawawa. “It’s certainly proving IPD works, allowing all players on the team to find what works and save a lot on expenses.”

Marcy Burton, DCC’s Regional Service Line Leader, Construction Services says the Petawawa IPD pilot project is delivering on all expectations, proving to all parties involved that working smarter, not harder is better for the Crown and industry, perhaps marking the way forward for future large-scale projects.

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