The over 100-year-old, gothic-revival style armoury in downtown Guelph is undergoing significant heating and fire prevention upgrades that will improve its energy performance and ensure a safe and comfortable working environment for the full-time staff and army reservists of the 11th Field Regiment.

The project includes two designs:

  1. Complete heating upgrade: Replacing the existing heating boilers with new ones and the entire hot water piping system, as well as all heaters, pumps and controls. The existing boilers will be replaced with energy-efficient condensing boilers, which will offer a more sustainable heating source and help minimize future maintenance.
  2. Fire safety upgrades: Upgrading the fire alarm system and installing a new sprinkler system to meet today’s codes.

“The general contractor has to manage all sub-trades for both of these disciplines—and is doing a good job at that,” said David Ward, DCC Coordinator, Commissioning. “The sprinkler install has been especially challenging because there was no existing system. We’re putting all new wall and floor openings, routing and pipe chases into every room.”

The DND and DCC project team has been coordinating work around the site’s ongoing day-to-day activities and increasing numbers of students/staff completing training over the summer period. This includes careful demolition and abatement work to remove harmful asbestos and silica dust. “DCC’s environmental coordinators have been very helpful,” said Ward. “We also had a consultant on site to monitor air quality and keep everyone safe.”

Work started on the lower floors of the five-storey building and is now moving to the upper floors where the gym and offices are located. The $2.3-million project is just over halfway complete, and on track for substantial completion in November 2023.

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