With contracts in place at military bases across the country to reduce energy use and greenhouse gas emissions—and many more on the horizon—DCC is helping make a significant difference to Canada's defence greening efforts.

Under an energy performance contract, DCC contracts with an energy services company to identify energy-saving measures, obtain financing through a lender, implement the work and then pay back the loan out of the reduced utility costs. This allows the Department of National Defence (DND) to accelerate infrastructure investments without up-front capital costs, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Since 2018, DCC has brought contracts online in Petawawa, Esquimalt, Greenwood and Bagotville, explains Mélanie Pouliot, DCC's National Director, Contract Services.

The most recent contract, awarded in September 2020, anticipates $5.6 million in annual energy savings (a 31% reduction) for CFB Kingston. Accompanying greenhouse gas emissions will equal 5,865 tonnes, 36% less than current levels.

A further 11 contracts are in the planning stages for locations such as Borden, Comox and Halifax. All will contribute to DND's efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to net-zero by 2050.

The contracts are very complex, notes David Burley, National Director, Real Property Management Services, and DCC brings considerable technical expertise to establishing and managing them. Working directly with DND representatives, DCC also ensures proposed energy-savings measures are compatible with operational requirements.

"DND has the largest infrastructure portfolio in the government, so this is a big opportunity for DCC to demonstrate leadership in this field," adds Charles Fuller, National Director, Project and Program Management Services.

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