Construction of the $144 million Valcartier research pavilion complex began in 2020 and is on schedule for completion in 2024, with exterior landscaping to be completed this summer. This is the first phase of a $272 million program that includes not only the construction of the complex, but also two subsequent phases of redevelopment of the surrounding infrastructure, scheduled for completion in 2027. Although the budget and schedule have been respected so far, the team members have faced a number of challenges.

"When I joined the team in June 2022, I quickly realized that this was a unique and ambitious project for DCC Valcartier," says Sébastien Boucher, DCC Program Leader. "Until now, our expertise had been applied to the construction of more traditional buildings, such as office space and garages. Building a world-class research centre with some 80 state-of-the-art laboratories really took us off the beaten path!"

Challenges included the complex building mechanics involved in distributing a dozen different types of gas, the most stringent ventilation requirements and industrial safety standards with some of the strictest protocols in Canada, managing the space within the walls to accommodate the different types and sizes of piping, as well as the layout of the space to hold a wide range of specialized laboratory equipment with different dimensions, configurations and weights. Also, in support of the Federal Sustainable Development Strategy, the building will be LEED (Silver) certified.

"Today, we are proud to support the delivery of a world-class research centre with such a sophisticated infrastructure, in spite of challenges large and small," concludes Sébastien. "In my opinion, the success of this project is a testament to the excellence of our teams and the exceptional collaboration between DCC and the Client-Partner."

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