A one-of-a-kind project at CFB Dundurn required a one-of-a-kind approach from the team at Defence Construction Canada and their Client-Partners: one that highlighted collaboration, required flexibility, and has ultimately delivered a facility unlike anything else built to date.

“This is a completely new design—there was no sample to copy,” said Craig Taylor, DCC Site Manager at CFB Dundurn.

The DeMill Facility at Dundurn will allow the Department of National Defence (DND) to deactivate and recycle used or expired munitions and range scrap for use by industry. The facility includes a shredder and incinerator along with all the services required to operate safely and is an entirely new asset for DND, who until now has had to simply store these materials.

Delivering the project required design to develop alongside construction, because equipment was being built as the project proceeded. This meant there had to be room for constant adjustments along the way—25 changes in total.

“We all went into it with an open mind, and we talked about that right at the beginning,” said Craig about the DCC team as well as the Assistant Deputy Minister (Materiel), Assistant Deputy Minister (Infrastructure & Environment) / Real Property Operations and industry partners.

The team even had a motto: “All we need is a concrete pad”—which references the humble start of this complex project. They’d use the phrase to remind themselves that everything starts with a simple idea or need, and the plan builds from that.

“Our team loved it—it’s a different way of doing things, but it sure showed our professionalism and collaborative efforts,” said Craig.

Key to the DCC team’s success was Brad Prokopowich, Technical Specialist, Project Management and Karen Pells-Nairn, Team Leader, Construction Services.

Construction on the facility has now reached Initial Operational Capability. There are final adjustments being made before the facility is up and running in July 2023.

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