Corporate Plan Summaries

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2019-2020 to 2022-2024 Corporate Plan Summary 2018-2019 to 2022-2023 Corporate Plan Summary 2017-2018 to 2021-2022 Corporate Plan Summary
Corporate Plan Summary Corporate Plan Summary Corporate Plan Summary
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Quarterly Financial Reports

DCC's financial statements are prepared in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). These quarterly financial statements do not include all the information and notes, and should be read in conjunction with the audited annual financial statement included in DCC's Annual Report.

2020–2021: Q1 (PDF)      
2019–2020: Q1 (PDF) Q2 (PDF) Q3 (PDF)  
2018–2019: Q1 (PDF) Q2 (PDF) Q3 (PDF)  


DCC is committed to ensuring that it supports the Government of Canada in its priority of openness and transparency. DCC discloses the travel and hospitality expenses of the Chair of its Board of Directors, all members of the Board of Directors, as well as its CEO, and Vice-Presidents. All such expenditures are directly related to supporting DCC's mandate and are incurred, for example, in support of service delivery, business management, operational meetings, professional development, stakeholder engagement, Board meetings and other corporate governance related activities. Information that would normally be withheld under the Access to Information Act or the Privacy Act is not provided.

2018–2019: Q1 (PDF) Q2 (PDF) Q3 (PDF) Q4 (PDF)  

Travel and hospitality expenses 2017–2018

Auditor General Report

DCC's auditor is the Auditor General of Canada, which is responsible for performing both special examinations, as well as annual financial audits.

Special Examinations

A Special Examination is conducted at least once every ten years. The last Special Examination of DCC was conducted in 2008.

The Auditor General recently submitted to DCC's Board of Directors its 2016 Special Examination of DCC. The objective of this report was to determine whether the systems and practices selected for examination were providing the Corporation with reasonable assurance that its assets were safeguarded and controlled, its resources were managed economically and efficiently, and its operations were carried out effectively, as required by section 138 of the Financial Administration Act.

The Report of the Auditor General regarding DCC's 2016 Special Examination is found here.

Access to Information and Privacy Acts Reports

Access to Information Act Privacy Act
2018–2019: PDF PDF
2017–2018: PDF PDF
2016–2017: PDF PDF
2015–2016: PDF PDF

Completed Access to Information Requests

As of April 1, 2015, all completed access to information requests are posted on the Open Government website. For all summaries of completed requests from January 2012 until March 2015, click on the link below.

Consult the completed requests (Jan. 2012-Mar 2015) PDF

Info Source

Sources of Federal Government and Employee Information provides information about the functions, programs, activities and related information holdings of government institutions subject to the Access to Information Act and the Privacy Act.

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