Thanks to Real Property Operations Unit Ontario (RPOU(O)) project managers in the architecture and engineering (A&E) section, DCC’s Kingston office is helping deliver complex projects that involve some of Canada’s key heritage structures.

Cameron Johnston and Melissa Ethridge, DCC Coordinators, Construction Services, have worked with A&E section on projects ranging from washroom construction and the Fort Frederick Martello Tower to disassembling, repairing and reconstructing the Kingston Armoury.

“One of the project managers at A&E section is Linda Lausch, who has an architectural background, and a lot of experience with different restoration projects and with DND—so she knows all of their buildings and stakeholders very well,” says Johnston. “She’s very good at working with us and the consultant team and the contractors to help them deliver the project.”

Ethridge adds, “DND project managers at A&E section are very collaborative, and there’s a lot of trust and teamwork between us. Even when we’re dealing with challenges, they stay positive—they are focused on solutions.”

DCC is recognizing the DND project managers at A&E section’s collaborative approach, from project design to delivery, as making a difference every day for the projects’ final users and Canada’s heritage—and they’re sending a big “thank you.”

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