It’s becoming a rare treat to see native prairie that hasn’t been impacted by encroaching vegetation. So—with 253 square kilometres of it to protect at 17 Wing Detachment Dundurn, Saskatchewan—environmental protection had to be both a key driver and focus of planning for two recent projects.

Vehicle wash facility

A new vehicle wash facility was recently completed to ensure that invasive species are not accidentally introduced to the area by visiting equipment arriving on base for training exercises.

“We recognize this is best practice – it speaks to our environmental due diligence,” said Craig Banilevic, DCC Coordinator, Environmental Services at Dundurn.

The $2.2-million wash facility is nearing completion and will be in operation in September 2021, wrapping up as a $2-million fuel transfer station project, also driven by environmental protection goals, gets rolling.

Fuel transfer station

The rebuild of the 35-year-old fuel transfer station at Dundurn will ensure that aging infrastructure meets current standards including the installation of a proper containment area to protect the area in the case of a spill. New tanks will meet current safety standards and improved layout will also make access more efficient.

The fuel transfer station work started in spring of 2021 and is expected to be completed in the fall of this year.

“These [projects] really demonstrate DND’s commitment to the sustainable management of their property,” said Banilevic.

For both projects, environmental planning and monitoring of construction to ensure adherence has been a focus, with contractors demonstrating commitment to these important priorities.

Fuel station
Paving was completed for the new fuel transfer station.

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