The project to upgrade the water and sewer systems on 6th Avenue at the Montreal Garrison, with a total budget of $14 million, led to an inspired initiative to develop a green street right in the heart of the military complex.

The new green space was inaugurated on May 27, 2024, in the presence of several dignitaries. Completely self-funded by the savings made by changing the purpose of the street (eliminating substructure, backfill and asphalt work), the project made it possible to revitalize the garrison’s south sector—beautifying the area, making it safer for pedestrians and reducing noise and air pollution from heavy vehicle traffic. The area now provides a thriving, green environment for the more than 2,000 people, both civilian and military, who work at the garrison.

“We put a lot of work into this project, which allowed us to revitalize and remediate the area by removing old, buried industrial structures. The objective was to create a human living environment that promotes the physical and psychological well-being of users,” said Denis Cochet, DCC Coordinator, Construction Services.

No effort was spared to make this linear park a peaceful oasis. The once-grey corridor dominated by heavy traffic that was 6th Avenue now features ping-pong and picnic tables, a barbecue, a pétanque area and training equipment surrounded by trees, shrubs and flowers.

“The green street in the Montreal Garrison’s south sector has us thinking outside the box. This space has become a model for urban transformation and sustainable development that reflects a strong commitment to the users’ health, safety and well‑being,” added Josée Gagnon, Site Manager at DCC Montreal.

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