Just before the holidays, a heavy snowstorm hit eastern Canada and damaged several buildings at CFB Valcartier. The Department of National Defence (DND) was able to handle most of the repairs, but some of the damage was too extensive. The Commander of the Real Property Operations Unit – Quebec called on DCC employees, who mobilized on December 25 to issue an emergency contract to remove debris and re-roof one of the buildings, among other tasks.

“The Valcartier team quickly assembled to define the needs, costs and risks involved,” explained Sébastien Boucher, DCC Program Leader, Valcartier. “The team then met with the contractor to share the information and have it validated, thereby forging a trusting partnership, greatly simplifying the awarding and execution of this contract, and supporting DND in identifying and carrying out the necessary remedial actions.”

DCC employees know they have the tools and skills for this type of contract management, noted Sébastien. “The team established a monitoring and reporting procedure that allowed them to monitor certain items closely and manage risks proactively,” he said. “This allowed team members to complete the contract in a timely manner and still spend time with their families during the holiday season.”

DCC was able to award the contract on December 27, which meant that the site was secure even before the majority of employees returned to work after the holidays.

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