Throughout the pandemic period, DCC has been keeping business as close to usual as possible, and even achieving a notable procurement accomplishment.

DCC executives are in close contact with the Department of National Defence and other Client-Partners to ensure essential projects can continue, and communicating regularly with industry associations to share information and solicit their collaboration in these unusual circumstances. On the front lines, project teams are on the job at bases and wings across Canada, managing contracts through a combination of remote and critical on‑site work.

"Teams are continuing to collaborate through virtual means," explains Karl McQuillan, Vice-President, Operations—Service Delivery. "This gives our on-site staff, who continue to be our eyes and ears on the job site, the support they need to monitor work quality and collaborate to solve problems."

This is not at the expense of health and safety, however. "DCC staff are taking all reasonable health and safety precautions, as well has following public health advice," says Scott McRae, Coordinator, Corporate Health and Safety. In addition, employees are monitoring contractor compliance with the health and safety requirements contained in all DCC contracts.

Meanwhile, the number of new tenders DCC has issued and closed has been steady throughout the pandemic period, says Mélinda Nycholat, Vice-President, Operations—Procurement.

In addition, as of April 6, 2020, DCC now accepts electronic bids on all the contracts it puts out to tender—the capability to submit technical proposals electronically was brought online in just a week. "Preparing and issuing paper-based technical proposals while working from home without all the usual tools at hand is difficult for bidders," Nycholat says. "Industry leaders have confirmed that our universal e-bidding capability has helped relieve much of the strain they have been feeling during this difficult time."

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