The Tactical Armoured Patrol Vehicles (TAPV) that arrived in Shilo in 2018 have been built to handle weather, terrain and other difficult conditions – but at the end of the day, they still need proper facilities to maintain and protect them. That’s where the DCC team came in with the recently-completed TAPV storage facilities at CFB Shilo.

“They were being stored outside under tarps,” said Dave Hunter, DCC Team Lead, Construction Services, about the new vehicles. “They required the proper storage for them.”

To house the 40‑plus TAPVs at CFB Shilo a few different facilities were needed, including modifications to two buildings and additions to two other storage ‘barns’.

Without any extensive maintenance equipment required in the facilities, the DND and DCC project team says it was a fairly straightforward build. A reliable contractor was able to deliver the work and didn’t face big hurdles. The biggest challenge was when the original DCC project manager had to be replaced mid‑process by a new team to complete the work.

“To bring in new people and have a seamless process was aided by having good contractors, so that meant the construction schedule was kept on track,” said Hunter.

With substantial completion now reached, the vehicles—and the people who take care of them—get to move inside.

“I know the users are really happy to get in there,” said Rick MacDonald, DCC Coordinator, Construction Services.

The buildings meet Green Globe standards and are expected to be certified. In total, the project cost $8.8 million.

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