CFB Borden is getting an upgrade—one that will benefit thousands of Canadian Armed Forces’ members each year and sets the stage for more improvements to come.

A new accommodations building is reaching the mid-point of construction on the site. It’s a facility that will improve the experiences for the many who attend the country’s largest military training base—roughly 15,000 people over the course of the year.

“We have a lot of aging infrastructure here on the base which we are trying to update and consolidate into new, larger buildings,” said Jennifer Drumm, DCC Coordinator, Construction Services at CFB Borden.

The T-shaped, five-storey, 15,600-m2 building will provide 350 beds in three different kinds of suites: a barrier-free suite, 2-bedroom and single-occupancy—each with their own kitchen and bathroom facilities. There are also common lounge areas, study areas, laundry rooms, storage and office space.

“The goal is that they can work, eat and play all in a walkable distance,” said Drumm.

Construction on the $42-million project started in March 2021. The construction team is now finishing the structure with the roof on and civil underground utilities all installed. They hope to have it closed up for fall/winter, to turn their focus to the interior. The facility is expected to be ready for visitors in fall 2024.

While the project has faced the now-familiar hurdles of COVID-19 and supply chain issues, Drumm says DCC has paid particularly close attention to the lessons learned on this project. These lessons are particularly useful, as it’s anticipated there could be more of these buildings on their project list soon.

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