COVID Response - Message to DCC's Contractors and Consultants

From Derrick Cheung, President and CEO of Defence Construction Canada

Defence Construction Canada's (DCC) long-standing partnership with Canada's Infrastructure and Environment industry is vital to our mission to support Canada's defence and security organizations. DCC relies heavily on the contractors and consultants who do the work on the contracts that DCC puts in place on behalf of its Client-Partners.

DCC is taking measures to support critical operations and apply Government of Canada direction with respect to the workplace while operating in compliance with directives from Canadian provincial authorities. We are adapting to rapidly changing circumstances and are exercising flexibility in the true spirit of entrepreneurship and commitment during a challenging time.

We want to assure you that we are committed to keeping our business operations running while keeping you, our employees and members of the Canadian Armed Forces healthy and safe. You are an important component of our operations and certain work must continue where it is safe to do so.

Please be advised that:

  • DCC continues to initiate new procurements, answer bidder questions, and award contracts.
  • DCC encourages all contractors and consultants to comply with directives issued by their provincial authorities.
  • Contractors and consultants are responsible for the implementation of health and safety measures for their projects in accordance with contract requirements. DCC is working closely with all contractors and consultants at its work sites to ensure a healthy and safe workplace.
  • DCC encourages all contractors and consultants to monitor the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) for developments on COVID-19 and to implement prevention measures at their offices and worksites to help prevent the transmission of the virus. This includes having a response plan for employees who present with symptoms while at work and ensuring those who are sick stay at home. The latest information from the PHAC can be found at
  • The terms and conditions of the respective contracts will dictate the specific implications regarding curtailing and suspension of work.
  • DCC continues its fair and timely payment for services rendered.

We recognize that impacts to our contracts resulting from COVID-19 may often be well beyond the control of a contractor or consultant. In these situations, our intent is to ensure fairness to our industry partners. In accordance with our contracts, there will be consideration granted for excusable delays without penalty to contractors in these situations.

DCC continues to monitor this rapidly evolving situation closely and we will adjust our posture as required.

We understand that these are challenging times, with emerging implications and impacts. We strongly encourage open lines of communication as we work through this COVID-19 pandemic situation. To that end, we ask that our industry partners keep us apprised, as soon as possible through your regular channels, if you are experiencing any challenges which would jeopardize your ability to deliver.

Again, I would like to emphasize that you are providing a vital service to Canada through the work that you do for Canada's defence and security community. On behalf of everyone at DCC, we thank you for your collaboration and continued support.


Derrick Cheung
President and CEO

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