DCC and DND jointly piloting Integrated Project Delivery

It’s ironic that one of the oldest armoured regiments of the Canadian Army — the Royal Canadian Dragoons, formed in 1883 and based out of CFB Petawawa – is set to benefit from one of the newest, most transformative contracting models in the construction industry today.

Defence Construction Canada will soon be contracting out a $50-million new building for the armoured regiment (pending Department of National Defence final budget approval), using a collaborative delivery method known as Integrated Project Delivery (IPD). Unlike more traditional models where designers, general contractors and sub-contractors, for example, bid on pieces of the overall project in a series of individual contracts, IPD brings everyone together at the same table.

“We’re always looking for ways to deliver the project in the most collaborative and cost-efficient manner to ensure that we get the best value for the Crown—at a better cost, in a more timely fashion and with fewer disputes and legal issues,” says Mélinda Nycholat, Vice-President, Operations—Procurement.

Under IPD, the builder, design consultant, trade contractor and owner work together to stay on time and on budget, collaborating to manage the contract and the risk. As a result, owners get a more predictable, efficient and cost-effective work flow.

“This pilot is really innovative and transformative because it's a multi-party contract that aligns all the parties to the same interests as the owner. It’s a cost-plus arrangement, with profit at risk, ensuring full transparency of all costs from the beginning," says Ms. Nycholat.

The Request for Proposal for the Dragoons project is expected to be released in fall 2017.


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