Considering DND’s real property needs for today and tomorrow

DCC’s Real Property Management (RPM) service line supports the administration of the Department of National Defence’s (DND) real property assets. From needs planning and land acquisition to asset development and decommissioning, the RPM team ensures the efficient operation of DND’s infrastructure.

With offices located at every Canadian Armed Forces base and wing, DCC can provide on-site real property management expertise at a moment’s notice. Across Canada and around the world, the RPM team can leverage an extensive network of public and private sector contacts to ensure DND’s property holdings are expertly developed, managed and decommissioned.

The RPM service line delivers its real property support to DND through two key offerings: planning support and operational support.

DCC’s real property strategic planning support extends across four areas:

  • Portfolio management, which encompasses capital investment planning, realty asset research and heritage guidance,
  • Policy and business processes, through which DCC advises DND on policy development and business process mapping,
  • Development-planning, which encompasses land use planning and identification of existing and intended property uses, and
  • Information systems support, such as the Realty Asset Information System, Canadian Forces Engineering Management System and Centralized Maintenance Management System, which ensure real property system data are current and useful.

RPM’s operational support functions ensure the efficient oversight of DND’s properties and buildings. DCC delivers these functions through two specialized services:

  • Facility management and technical support services, such as computer-assisted design support, facility management, preventative maintenance inspections and site asset management plans, and
  • Real property acquisition and disposal services, such as transaction plan management, and asset purchase and disposal documentation.

Real Property Management Services information sheet

For more information on Real Property Management Services, please contact:

Region Contact
National Director Dave Burley
Atlantic Trevor Rogers
Quebec Jonathan Duclos
National Capital Stewart Dafoe
Ontario Julia Atherley
Western Danny Gruner